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"Since starting with Alex, Isaac has grown enormously in confidence and character.  He loves to learn and engages so much in his lessons.  Whilst still at school, Isaac was quiet and serious.  Now he makes eye contact again, laughs and enjoys life again.  Alex is focused, engaging and clearly enjoys working with Isaac.  She has a way of getting to know her students well, understanding their personalities and learning styles and adapting her teaching to suit them.  She is punctual and reliable - everything you want and more from a teacher.  A true blessing."

Mrs W, West Sussex

"In Alex I have found not only a first-class tutor but a role model for my children.  A teacher who works tirelessly to understand each child as an individual thus creating a bespoke teaching package for each student.   Both of my daughters now study English and Mathematics with Alex and have done for the past three years.  As education is an integral part of our life, Alex is large part of our world now."   

Diane B, Surrey

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